Give Your Child the Gift of a Lifetime

Child Journals from LifeTales is the easy-to-use, award-winning way to save all your child’s life events as they grow... to create a wonderfully rich story of their life that they'll treasure for ever.


being able to give your child a beautifully presented history of their childhood years... all the moments - big and small - that make life so special.

Child Journals makes it easy!

You just used to lie for hours on your favorite sheepskin rug. The dog loved to cuddle up next to you too 💕

Capture every moment

You can instantly save all the moments that matter as a photo, video, audio, or text note from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Handy reminders mean you'll never forget to keep a regular record of your family's events.

You were never bored at Grandma & Grandpa's farm. You would spend hours running and jumping in the muddy puddles :-)

Add the special details

It's the little things that make stories so special, but it's so easy to forget.

That's why we've made it easy to enrich your child's life journal with comments and audio notes.

Add extra context with your thoughts and feelings that tell the story behind the video or photo.

Even better than just keeping a picture of your child's report card, how about adding a comment from their favorite teacher about what it was like to teach them?

Your child's life story doesn't have to be told just by Mom or Dad... it's easy to capture stories from all the important people in your child's life.

We had a lovely afternoon making pumpkin pie for everyone. You were very happy to help with the mixing, but you did end up wearing most of it!

Safe & secure

When you create any content in Child Journals, any stories you choose to keep are kept private and secure for you.

Of course you can still share online, or even download your whole Child Journal anytime you choose.

This was the first time you saw the sea and you loved it! We walked along the beach collecting interesting shells and pebbles until the sun went down.

A beautiful sharing experience

When you're ready to share, all the content you uploaded is organized for you and beautifully presented, making your child's story easy and pleasurable to browse on any device...

(That's something you can't do with social media and messaging apps.)

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I downloaded the app and started adding to it for my two kids. It is a really nice way to journal and appreciate the moments that usually go by way too fast.  Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful app!

Olga Evans Seattle
Mommy Blogger from

As a professional photographer, I take a lot of photos of my kids. Now I can add the story around the pictures and even the story not in the pictures!

Danielle - Toronto

I was feeling anxious that my kids pictures were scattered all over the place... Instagram, Facebook, my phone... and sometimes a bit too public! LifeTales gives me such an easy way to organize them, share with family AND add commentary. It’s now my main home for stories. I love it!

Connie Burke - Oakville

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