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Your life. Your stories. Remembered.

What you can do with LifeTales

Easily create and privately share your stories and experiences with family and friends ... trips as they happen ... stories of the kids (grandparents treasure them) ... stories that might be memoir-worthy ... or even just events you want to remember with friends (like that great restaurant you went to!).

How is LifeTales different?

Private, Selective Sharing

Every story starts off private. When you’re ready, pick each person who you'd like to see it.

Share each story differently, with just the people you choose. No other contact will even know you created it!

No persona ... no competition for likes ... just you being the real you!

More than just a photo album

Each story can use any combination of pictures, video, text and audio.

Use text or audio to share and preserve the story behind the pictures. Your future self will thank you!

Journey Over Time

Add to a story over time — like each day of a trip or a picture a month of your child.

Collaborative Stories

Add contributors to create and tell stories together.

Organized Archive

Memorable moments, accessible and organized, available for download.

It's really easy to use!

Available on all devices

Download from the Apple App Store, or use a browser on Android and Desktop!

View sample stories

A few of our members agreed to share a private story to show everyone how they use LifeTales.
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5 stars

See why Linda and her family rate LifeTales 5 stars

A multi-generational family dispersed across continents, see how the Sidels use LifeTales to keep each other in the loop.

"I couldn't believe how easy it was!"

"We were living [my son's] trip on a daily basis."

"I get to recreate all the memories."

"I fell in love with the app."

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