On her 21st birthday, Anna received a priceless gift from her parents.

A digital journal with 21 years of stories about her, told by her mom, dad — back when he had hair — and some told by aunts, uncles, friends and even grandma who is no longer around ...

... how mum felt whenever she crawled into bed with her, how dad felt when she first said “dada”, how proud they were when she’d won the 3rd grade spelling bee, how much she exhausted grandma and grandpa when they babysat that weekend (but they loved it anyway!)

Introducing Child Journals

A Minute a Week -
A Lifetime of Stories

As a parent of a young child (or several), you’re probably wondering how you can fit yet another thing into your week!

Child Journals has been specially designed to make it incredibly fast and easy. Just 3 steps (and two of them are optional!)


Set a Reminder

Select your preferred day, time, frequency. When the time comes, snooze, dismiss or tap to start talking

Start Talking

News of the week, how you felt, how she behaved. Send a special video message through time … to your future 21 year old!


Add Photos/Videos

No need for a million. Just select your favorite photos and videos since your last story.

More great features on the way

We have lots more ideas to make this even better — and we’d love to hear your ideas! Here are just a few that will be coming soon after launch.

Timeline Viewto easily scan your child's stories
Growth Chartto track your child's height and weight
Special Galleriesfor all of your child’s report cards, artwork and other memorabilia
Milestonesto keep track of their first words, first steps and other achievements

Give a lifetime of memories to the one who will always be your baby

One subscription lets you share with the whole family

Buy Child Journals NowJust $0.99/month (USD)🤨 What? You want to charge for it?!
mom and child

Imagine how she’ll feel when she watches her mom and dad of 20 years ago … and 15 years ago … and 10 years ago … telling her how they felt … while it was happening!

Child Journals are an intimate gift for your future young adult … priceless time capsules from mom, dad, grandpa … from anyone you invite to share a story!

mom and child

Not convinced yet?

Try LifeTales now for free!

Available on all platforms

Create your first story for your future 21 year old today. Our Basic plan is free.

Any stories you create in LifeTales can later be added to your child’s journal once it’s launched in October.

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  • android friendly
  • web app for desktop
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One more thing!

You might be wondering … “21 years is a long time. How do I know LifeTales will still be around??”

Totally reasonable. A lot can happen in 20 years.

That’s why we’ll be giving you an incredibly easy, one button download. Just tap it on your computer to download your journal in its entirety.

This way, your content will be stored safely in the cloud, and upgraded as technology changes … but also available on your hard drive — just in case!