Why share your life openly on social media with people you barely know?

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LifeTales is a private social network
where you can comfortably create and share content with family and close friends.

  • No forwarding
  • No following
  • No competition for likes
Private network, selective sharing

Be picky. Choose who you want to share each story with.

LifeTales gives you complete control over who each story is shared with.

✗ No forwarding
✗ No following
✗ No resharing
✗ No competition for likes

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More than just a photo album

Add the backstory.
Remember the highlights.

Photos and videos can’t tell the whole story! Add your own narrative with text and audio. LifeTales gives you the ultimate flexibility to tell the story the way you want.

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the stories of your life ... organized

Remember the journey.
Relive your favourite memories.

Most social media is like a river rushing by. But with LifeTales, you can easily find and enjoy your favourite memories - each one organized in a story, together with all the comments from your friends and family!

Fitness Journey
My Travels
Baby Journal
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bring the closest people, even closer

Since discovering LifeTales, it’s been our go-to app in our family. My relatives live in several cities. It’s especially great to keep everyone involved in my young son’s life. We love how easy it is to use!

Alan K.

“another social network app?!” that’s what I thought at first, but with use I can easily see how LifeTales fits in my life. I use it to share the details of my life with my parents. I always look forward to the silly captions they add to my pictures.

Tina L.

I really like how I can refer to memories in such detail. It's like rediscovering my own life. It's also easy enough for my parents to use too!

Nicole W.