Easily Save Loved ones' Stories
for Your Family to Enjoy Forever

Our older family members have so many precious memories to share, and those stories are part of every family's history and identity.

That's why we created LifeTales

Now it's quick and easy to capture your family's stories and save them securely to enjoy forever.

Because you care about

Ask anyone of a certain age and they will tell you: “life rushes past in the blink of an eye”. And when it does, the stories and life lessons of those who came before are lost forever.

Which is a big loss because, really, do you know enough about Mom and Dad, or your Grandparents? What do your kids know about them? What do they know about you?

Who had the most impact on their lives? What were the biggest lessons they learned? Their hopes for the future?

We've made it easy & fun to capture, share and preserve your family stories

So few of us find time to save our memoirs. We think it would take a lot of planning, researching, and typing, and historically, that's always been true.

But not any more!

With the LifeTales app, we've created a simple tool that makes recording your parents' or grandparents' stories, or even your own story quick, easy and fun!

You make the difference 

It could seem daunting for anyone to sit down and write out stories from memory.

But imagine just asking them to sit with a family member and naturally answer their questions ... or even receive video questions on their phone, tablet, or computer.

That's how easy it is to use LifeTales

How it works

  • You could sit with your parent or grandparent and ask them about their life memories.
  • Or you can send your questions to them as video messages.
  • Press "Record" and once done, it's easy to add a title, text comments, photos, or even audio captions on a picture.
  • The story is uploaded securely to the cloud for you and shared with your family. That's all it takes!

Why You Can Trust LifeTales

Safe & secure

Privacy matters! That's why all content in LifeTales is kept private and secure for you, using the latest end-to-end encryption technology. So you  share only with the people who matter most.

You keep ownership

Unlike the popular social media platforms, which require you to give them permission to license your content, with LifeTales you retain total rights over everything you create — forever.

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