LifeTales vs Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are great for keeping in touch with groups of people and quickly sending one-off pictures — like tossing them over the fence.

But if you're sharing pictures and video, there is a much better way.

Li Pan
LifeTales Customer Team

"Why not just use my messaging app to share photos and videos of the family?"

You can. But you'll miss out on a lot compared to using LifeTales.

Many people use messaging apps or email to share pictures and videos with family and friends every day. While that's fine for casual updates, a dedicated app like LifeTales gives you so much more.

Just like with messaging groups, when you share new content through LIfeTales, everyone you choose gets notified. But that's where the similarities end.

Here are 3 ways you'll get so much more from sharing your family stories using LifeTales.

Better organization with no extra effort

Most messaging apps only give you one conversation for each group. So all the content anyone shares is simply added to the fast moving stream where it could be missed or hard to find.

LifeTales gives you full control over how to organize your content. You can add photos and video as individual stories — like a photo album with commentary and captions.

You can add your stories to bigger Collections — think of an album of albums. But better! And you can even add stories to multiple Collections at the same time without having to re-upload.

You can also use tags in Collections to make it extra easy to find your favorite stories.

Richer comments that stay linked to your media

Messaging apps let you share photos, videos, and text, but anything you add joins that fast-moving content stream. If your friends and relatives are chatty, that can be a lot of material to wade through. Comments don't get attached to photos, so if you want to preserve what your parents said about your child’s school play, their comments won't stay with the photos.

LifeTales not only links captions and text comments, it also lets you add audio or video commentary, giving you more powerful tools to tell the whole story. So why not bring your content to life and  be able to easily relive the stories one day?

Better ways to share

When you add someone new to a conversation in a messaging app, they only see stuff that's added after that point.

With LifeTales, whenever you add someone to a Collection, they can immediately see the entire Collection. Perfect for surprising your child someday with a special journal about their childhood from Mom and Dad; they'll see the whole thing along with comments and reactions from family and friends.

And if you want to be more selective about who sees what, it’s easy to share a specific story with individual people. You don't need to create a new group or resend pictures and video. Just add them to the share list for that particular story and boom — they can just see that story. It's also nice to know that, if you forget someone, you can easily add them at any time — just like flipping a switch.